God the Final Frontier


This is a best-selling book with 70,000 in print and counting!


God the Final Frontier has been called one of the most important books on Christianity next to the Bible!


Here’s what others are saying…

  • “That was the greatest presentation on Christianity I have ever heard!”

-Pastor Jeff Honson, from the Leadership Prayer Luncheon on the National Day of Prayer, Cliff breakers Restaurant, Rockford, IL

  • “That was an absolutely awesome message! All your books are gone! Can we order more?”

-Standing (and shouting) ovation from the keynote address at the Iron Sharpens Iron men’s conference, Burlington, Vermont

  • “You got the highest rating of any seminar speaker we’ve ever had!”

-Pastor Scott Gulkie, Districts Youth Rally, Green Bay, WI (3,500 kids).

  • “That is the evangelism tool of the decade!”

-Curt Knapp, President of the Gideon’s in Freeport, Illinois

  • “You covered the nature of God better in 10 pages than Lee Strobel did in 370 pages!”

-Men’s Bible study at Wheaton Bible Church in Wheaton, Illinois

Someone said, “When you do God’s work, God’s way, you get God’s results.”  Open a systematic theology book and you’ll discover three entries under;  God’s revelation of Himself to man:

General revelation = creation (Psalm 19:1-3).

Special revelation = the Word of God living and written (Heb. 4:12).

Conscience = the moral law (Romans 2:15).

This 96-page book contains 40 spectacular photographs!


Chapter 1: Where Did God Come From?

Chapter 2: The Word of God, Living and Written

Chapter 3: The Greatest Thing You Could Ever Know

Chapter 4: Will The Real God Please Stand Up?

Chapter 5: If God is Good, Why Is There Evil?

Chapter 6: Evolution, Fact or Fiction?

Chapter 7: How to Cultivate a Relationship With God

Small group Bible studies tell us this book facilitated the best discussions they’ve ever had!

This book is perfect for Sunday schools, youth groups, home Bible study groups, Church visitor packs, prisons, and mass distribution.

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Product Description

Does God exist?

When Christians learn these three basic reasons for faith, they became far more confident in sharing it. Furthermore, research shows that 60% of people who come to Christ do so by reading Christian literature other than the Bible.

Our best-selling book God the Final Frontier has been used to win:  Atheists, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Nazis, Chicago street-gang members and others to the Lord! Imagine what it would do for your group?



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