Excellence in Evangelism

  • How to Present the Gospel the Way Jesus did (it doesn’t get any better).
  • How to answer the cultists and the atheists not by arguing doctrine (which never works) but by asking the right questions; like Jesus did. This works. And we provide you with the actual questions!
  • How to create your own incredible evangelism seminar (One pastor said, “I learned more about evangelism after listening to you for three hours than I did in four years of seminary)”.
  • This virtual seminary course on apologetics, discipleship, and evangelism includes: DVD’s, books, CD’s and tracts.

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This kit contains the following resources:


Seminar cover

Equipping the Saints to Defend the Faith

The Biblical Worldview Training Manual (350 pages) is a resource for Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, small group Bible studies, family devotions, or even produce your own seminar on evangelism, discipleship, and apologetics! It contains the complete outline of my seminar, plus, more than 2 dozen additional sessions which allows you to do either a half day, or full day training conference! Mix and match the sessions any way you want. This can also be used for Sunday school lessons, family devotions, small group Bible studies, youth groups etc.  This book includes our, Answering the Cults series, so you can do sessions on how to answer the cults with questions! People laugh when they discover how easy it is to stop their mouths by simply asking the right questions-like Jesus did!

I just listened to Phil DelRe teach an evangelism seminar for three hours. As the former Vice President of Marketing for Christianity Today, I’ve had the privilege of hearing men like Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, and Max Lucado. Phil DelRe is the same caliber speaker. He is vibrant and anointed by the Holy Spirit!

—Linda Schambach, Former Vice President of Marketing for Christianity Today . Currently the Director of Womens Ministry for Community of Faith Church in Davis, Illinois


This is a terrific Creation Resource! Ray Comfort of Living Waters (The Way of the Master) reveals how atheistic college professors cannot produce one shred of evidence for evolution— on camera!

Evolution vs. God

Fortunately for critical thinkers there are only 5 major religions in the world and they are all mutually exclusive. The only thing they have in common is that they have nothing in common. They are either all wrong or one is right and the others are wrong. We have won Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Nazi’s and atheists to the Lord with the information in this very informative DVD taught live at the National Day of Prayer.

 National Day of Prayer DVD

This is a great DVD presentation revealing the false teachings of Joseph Smith—the founder of Mormonism

Jesus Christ or Joseph Smith (will the real Savior please stand up)?


Postcard for preaching

Seeing the Hand of God Move Through the Fulfillment of the Abrahamic Covenant, a Time-Line of Israels History, and Current Events in the Middle East. This CD is a powerful apologetic argument based on Bible prophecy! 

If you like history, current events in the Middle Easy and prophecy you’ll love this brand new resource! Most people (Even Biblically literate Jews) are unaware of how the Abrahamic Covenant is being fulfilled right now by current events in the Middle East. Scripture comes alive as we see God hand moving in our world.  We also see (I hate to mention him) how Satan is also working to try and prevents God’s aggenda from being fulfilled in Israel. I taught it originally at a Bible study I led at a law firm in Chicago. The room was full of Jewish lawyers and paralegals and they loved it (To God be the glory)! This resource is ideal for sermon preperation, teaching a Bible study, a Sunday school lesson, small groups etc. The response we have received from teaching this lesson in churches, young adult groups etc., has been off-the-charts!


God the Final Frontier

God the Final Frontier—How to Cultivate A Personal relationship With Your Creator

This book is only 80 pages (most people can read it in less than an hour) and contains 40 spectacular (and some rare photographs) on glossy paper (the pictures practically jump off the pages). We have led Muslims, Jehovah’s Witness, atheists, and Nazis to the Lord from the information in the first four chapters! The kit includes ten copies of this book! You’ll want to keep one and give the other nine away!

Jesus Christ the Master Evangelist–How to Present the Gospel the Way Jesus Did

          Jesus Christ the Master Evangelist—How to Present the Gospel the Way Jesus Did

In this book, Voice in the Wilderness Ministries founder and president, Philip DelRe, shows from scripture that God left us a perfect systematic theology of evangelism that cannot be improved upon by any man. In other words, there is a perfect way to present the Gospel (Ps. 19:7 says, “The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul).”  Here, Phil reveals the theological principles Jesus used to present the Gospel in context. Ray Comfort, Producer of the award-winning TV series, The Way of the Master, starring Kirk Cameron said of this book, “Phil DelRe has excelled in bringing together powerful thoughts on a most important theme.” Phil has taught on these principles at Beyond Amsterdam 2,000 (Sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)  The Moody Bible Institute, Trinity Seminary, Trinity International University, Iron Sharpens Iron men’s conferences, and churches (and prisons) across the country and around the world!

The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God--How to Get Out of the Wilderness Into the Promised Land

The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God—How to Get Out of the Wilderness Into the Promised Land

Jesus said, “If you are ashamed of Me before men, I will be ashamed of you before My Father in heaven.”  We will never experience the joy and the power of intimacy with God as long as we are bound in the idolatry of pleasing men more than God. One of the main reasons we do not experience intimacy with God and the blessings of obedience is because of the fear of man.  This book began as a sermon in front of a congregation of 3,000 people. More than 900 requests poured in for copies of the audio message! From pastors to prison inmates people are testifying how God is using this message to set them free from this subtle (and sometimes blatant) form of idolatry known as the fear of man. You’ll never enter the Promised Land as long as you think you are a grasshopper living in a world of giants!

Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses with Questions

Answering Jehovah’s Witness With Questions

As the late great Dr. Walter Martin was fond of saying, “The average Jehovah’s Witness can twist the average Christian into a theological pretzel in less than a minute.” Now you can show the Jehovah’s Witnesses the error of their ways not by arguing doctrine, but by asking the right questions. This book will teach you what questions to ask just like Jesus did with the Pharisees! It stops their mouths every time! One former J.W. (a national speaker for the organization) said of this booklet, “It’s the best resource I have found to refute their false doctrine!”

Answering Atheism with Questions

Answering Atheism with Questions

What did Jesus do when the false teachers tried to trap Him? Rather than argue doctrine, all He had to do was ask the right question, and it shut their mouths every time! Asking questions is the most effective approach to dealing with difficult people. This non-intimidating, non-confrontational approach is so effective, you’ll read about a famous college professor become creationist, then a Christian based on this approach. This quick, easy-to-use mostly non-technical book includes 40 questions the student can ask that are designed to close the mouths and open the minds of honest atheists (if you can find one)!

Answering Islam with Questions

Answering Islam With Questions

In the Koran and the Hadith (the sayings of Mohammed) you will find the following doctrines:  Each of the Ten Commandments is reversed. If a Muslim sleeps during prayer time Satan urinates in his ear. Non-Muslims have seven intestines. Satan sleeps in your nose overnight if you are  unclean. Adam was 90 feet tall. The Sun sets in a puddle of mud. If a Muslim prays while looking up his eyes will be snatched away. If you don’t believe this, you must die as an infidel. And, much more!  “For someone who does not want to spend the time to study the Koran, Philip DelRe does an excellent job of distilling the essence of what make Islam and Christianity incompatible in today’s world.”


10 CD Newwide


The Power of God From Sinai to the Cross-How to Present the Gospel the Way Jesus Did

When it comes to sharing our faith, God did not leave us to fend for ourselves. He left us a perfect systematic theology of evangelism that cannot be improved on by any man. Just as mathematics is a perfect science, just as the atomic structure of every element is perfect to the atom, so is the Gospel. You don’t have to become a scientist, a philosopher, or an attorney to present the Gospel the way Jesus did. It’s all clearly laid out in scripture so anyone can learn how to become a master evangelist! From professors, to prison inmates, we have been told: “That was the clearest and most complete presentation of the Gospel I have ever heard!”

The Power of God From Sinai to the Cross–How to Present the Gospel the Way Jesus Did

The Trinity Fact or Fiction?

Do Christians really worship three Gods as the cultists claim? This teaching on the Trinity is one of our most powerful messages. We have led Jehovah’s Witness, and Muslims to the Lord with this profound insight into the nature of God. It’s intensely practical, yet deeply compelling. Using examples from time, space, matter, earth, wind, fire, water, the human body, the human mind, and light, the lesson on this CD from Philip DelRe reveals the fact that there are “tri-unities” all around us, which are reflections of our Creator. This message contains illustrations of the Trinity that have been instrumental in leading cultists to Christ! This is one of Phil’s favorite messages. Pastors have said this was the best teaching on the Trinity they have ever heard!

The Holy Trinity--Fact or Fiction

The Bible Fact or Fiction?

One word proves the bible is true—prophecy! Bible prophecy proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Scriptures are divinely inspired—positive proof God is the author. “How,” you might ask? No human being can predict the future with 100 percent accuracy. Only a person with omniscience can do that! According to Ph.D. astrophysicists and other qualified American scientists, the odds of the Bible’s more than 2,500 predictions being fulfilled by chance is expressed as 1 with 2,000 zeros after it. God said, “These things were written so that the nations may know that I am the Lord.” Learn the facts (and sharpen your sword) in this fascinating message.

The Bible–Fact or Fiction?

The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God

Proverbs 29:25 says, “The fear of man brings a snare. But he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.” We originally preached this message at a 3,000 member church and had 940 requests for the message!It was the fear of man that kept the Israelites from entering the Promised Land! The New Testament tells us that (speaking of the things that happened to them in the wilderness) “These things were written for our example and instruction.”  The fear of man is a spiritual disease that keeps us from enjoying the fullness of joy that accompanies those who put God first in their lives.


God’s Three Witnesses

God has revealed Himself to men in three primary ways. These revelations are the three reasons no man will stand before God on Judgment Day with any excuse for ignoring or denying Him.  All three arguments are explained in detail and correlate to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God’s arguments cannot be improved upon. Best of all, you do not have to become a lawyer, a scientist or a philosopher to be a master evangelist.

God's Three Witnesses--Positive Proof for His Existence and His Love

The Cross and the Resurrection

I’m not so amazed that Jesus raised Himself from the dead by His own power, I’m more amazed that He could have died in the first place! All men die because all men sin. But Jesus was sinless, how could He have died? The Bible says that Jesus became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God! Find out more in this message on the cross, the defining moment in history!


Jesus Died for Our Sins

The Catholic Chronicles — A 4 part series on 2 CD’s

Phil examines the positions of the Roman Catholic Doctrines of:  Salvation by works, the claim that the Pope is infallible on matters of faith and morals, that a Catholic priest is the only person who has the authority to forgive sin,  Purgatory, the idea that  Mary is the sinless Co-Redemtrix along with Jesus, that Rome claims the authority to pronounce you “anathema” (damn your soul to hell) if you disagree with its 125 cannons and decrees (which read like complicated and often contradictory legal documents), the doctrine found in the Official Catechism of the Catholic church that says Catholics worship the same God the Muslims do, Transubstantiation (the idea that the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Jesus) and much, much more. This is a four-part series on 2 CD’s. One of our most popular resources, many have said this is an absolutely fascinating series!

The Catholic Chronicles--Exposing the Truth of the Roman Catholic Doctrine of Salvation

The Power of Prayer and the Ministry of the Word

When the disciples came to Jesus they said, “Lord, teach us to pray.” Why? Because they knew that was the source of His power. In His answer to the disciples, Jesus reveals how to develop a close, personal and intimate relationship with the Creator of the universe! The 66 words of “The Lord’s Prayer” (you can quote it in about 20 seconds) is filled with life changing principles. Nobody but the Lord could pack that much wisdom in so few words. In Acts 6:4 the Bible says, “The Apostles devoted themselves to prayer and ministry of the Word!” And they turned the world upside down. Find out how in this life changing (I realize that phrase is Cliché) but in this case it’s true! I can’t get past the first word “Our” in the prayer. “Our” is a clarion call to selflessness!


The Seven Spiritual Secrets of Salt and Light

Jesus said, “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is good for nothing anymore, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men. Interestingly, salt is a stable compound. It doesn’t lose it’s flavor. But Jesus created salt, how could he not know that? Is there a mistake in the Bible? No. But there is a better translation of the phrase translated “lose it’s flavor.” Find out what it is and how it relates to you and your eternal destiny in this message. In this message you will discover the spiritual applications of these life-giving and life-sustaining elements.  Salt and light have many uses and each one has a spiritual application that relate to you.


Gospel Tracts

We are offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can show us a tract that we think is better than this one!

God's Three Witnesses—Positive Proof for His Existence and His Love

Many people including theologians, biologists, and physicists have stated this is the finest Gospel tract they have ever seen! This outstanding 4 color tract is loaded with spectacular photographs of God’s creation. Most people can’t put it down. According to astrophysicists and qualified American science professors, the more than 2,500 prophecies found in the Bible being fulfilled by chance is 1 with 2,000 zeros after it. According to the mathematical science of probability, if a number has more than 50 zeros after it, the odds of that happening by chance is virtually impossible. This is proof positive that God wrote the Bible. All that and more is in this little booklet! The kit includes 100 copies! Click here to see it http://voice-wilderness.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Gods-Three-Witnesses.pdf

Perfect LoveWe have received reports from all over the world of people getting saved from reading this tract! Simply stated, this tract explains that is it because we have broken God’s moral law that we need His grace. From college professors to prison inmates we have been told, “That was the clearest and most direct presentation of the Gospel I have ever read.” The kit includes 100 copies.

The suggested donation for audio CD’s is:  $5.00 each and there are 10 all together. 

The suggested donation for the:  Answering the Cults books is:  $5.00 each.

100 God’s Three Witnesses Tracts is:  $10.00

100 Perfect Love tracts is: $10.00

Jesus Christ the Master Evangelist book is:  $8.95 each.

The Fear of Man vs. the Fear of  God books is: $8.95

God the Final Frontier is: $7.00 (The kit includes 10 copies) You’ll want to keep one and give thew other 9 away!

Seeing the Hand of God through the Abrahamic Covenant, a Time-line of Israels History and Current Events in the Middle East (A book and CD) is $10.00

The 3 DVD set is $15.00

The Evangelism Seminar Training Manual is $27.00 

Shipping and handling is $10.00

If all these items were purchased separately, it comes to $235.00 plus $10.00 for shipping. If these resources were broken down and taught as Bible college courses, you would pay thousands of dollars, and you would only hear the lectures one time. Sadly, most Bible colleges don’t teach evangelism.  You can get all these resources for a suggested donation of $97.00 plus $10.00 for shipping.