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Christian Quotes

There are some bright young philosophy students who think they have these arguments against God. I challenge them to find an argument in any of the great agnostics,  Bertrand Russell, Voltaire, Dave Hume, that is not already included in the Bible.

In Ecclesiastes, Habakkuk, Lamentations, Job, Psalms. God is so respecting of human freedom, that He actually gives us the arguments that people will one day turn against Him in His sacred scripture!

You may reject that kind of God but I respect that kind of God, He is not a puppet master, He does not force Himself down your throat He simply says, “This is the way it is, and now it is your choice, you can either choose Me, or choose against Me, but I respect that choice, and I will live with that choice and you will live with that choice.”


I listened to your audio message, “The Fear of Man vs. Fear of God”. I listened to it so many times I wore it out (Later, I discovered the same message in print in your book by the same name.)

Until then, I did not realize how the fear of man had subtly influenced my decision-making process, sometimes intimidating me from boldly doing what I knew to be right.  Likewise, I realized I had become desensitized  to the fear of the Lord.  I mention the decision-making process because part of what I do is make important decisions that affect the lives of others.

I am a Judge in a Criminal Court  in a large city and have to make important decisions everyday that affect the lives of many.  In the criminal courts, due to the sheer volume of cases and limited resources, I  seldom have all of the information I might wish and have to make life-impacting decisions anyway.

Now, I pray through Proverbs 29:25 before every major decision. I ask God to purify my decision-making process so that it is untainted by fear of man or approval seeking.  I ask God to instill in me a holy reverence for Him and to do His will without fear and to serve Him and His purposes in this decision.  Guided by these principles, I pray over the court file and the defendants and victims and families lives the file represents. I then render a decision that is fair and just under the law and the evidence without considering the  approval of others or fear of others.

Thank you for distilling down these important truths into a readable, well illustrated, easily understood format.  May you boldly and courageously serve Him until His return.