This 8 minute video provides compelling answers to questions that have baffled thinking people for centuries.

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Christian Quotes

“…the real discoveries of science — as opposed to the materialist philosophy that has been imposed upon science – point straight towards the reality of intelligent causes in biology. When you realize that fact, then you are ready to recognize that there are two definitions of “science” in our culture. One definition says that scientists follow the evidence regardless of the philosophy; the other says that scientists must follow the (materialist) philosophy regardless of the evidence.”


My son and I attended the “Iron Sharpens Iron” conference this past March in O’Fallon, IL where we met and attended a seminar by Philip DelRe.  As a pastor, I was leading a group of men to the conference, but my real concern was my 18 year old son who has had some tough challenges in the past year.  He has wavered in his faith — questioning what and why he believed.  This also spilled over into some poor choices and bad relationships in his life. The seminar by Phil was exactly what my son needed!  Phil’s dynamic personality and engaging presentation of the Gospel totally connected with my son.  He laughed, took notes, and was challenged that the Christian faith was intellectually credible in the secular arena of life. He loved the seminar by Phil and wanted me to buy all the resources available (which I happily did!). Since that time, there has been a dramatic change in his life.  Unhealthy relationships have been severed and he has a renewed joy and commitment for Christ.  I thank God for this timely and Sovereign appointment for my son and the ministry of Phil DelRe for being the choice instrument He used. Praise the Lord!