The Trinity Proves Christianity is True – Here’s Why

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God's 3 Witnesses

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Christian Quotes

Where did God come from? 
“Try imagine nothing exists. There is no sun, no moon, no stars, and no galaxies. There are no elements such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, or oxygen. There are no such things as time, space, matter or energy. There is no universe, no God, nothing.  
“If there ever was a time when nothing existed, then nothing would exist now. Therefore something must be eternal.  You only have two choices: either God is eternal and uncreated, or matter is eternal and uncreated. There is no third option. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity provided a basis for proof that time; space and matter had a definite beginning. That leaves us with our only other option.”


In his book, Jesus Christ the Master Evangelist-How to Present the Gospel the Way Jesus Did, Philip DelRe has excelled in bringing together powerful thoughts on a most important theme.