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Christian Quotes

Karl Marx said man is not responsible for his own behavior because his behavior is economically pre-determined. Sigmund Freud said man is not responsible for his own behavior because his behavior is pre-natally pre-determined. Charles Darwin said man is not responsible for his own behavior because his behavior is genetically pre-determined. John Dewey said man is not responsible for his actions, because they are educationally pre-determined. Jean Dixon said man is not responsible for the way he is because it’s astrologically pre-determined. Sociologists say it’s not your fault, it’s your environment. God says men are without excuse.”.


“I would describe Philip DelRe as a joy-filled follower of Jesus Christ. He is passionate, gregarious, funny, and always complimentary and encouraging to others. In the seminar setting, he speaks clearly and passionately about his subject and connects well with the men. His books include:  Jesus Christ the Master Evangelist, The Fear of Man vs. The Fear of God, Where Did God Come From, and a series of books titled “Answering”…Answering Atheism With Questions, Answering Islam With Questions, and Answering Jehovah’s Witnesses With Questions. Men are encouraged when they come out of his seminar and we get good feedback on his sessions. He always provides practical application about his subject for the men.”