The Trinity Proves Christianity is True – Here’s Why

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God's 3 Witnesses

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Listen to this powerful message from Phillip DelRe entitled: The Power of God from Sinai To The Cross - How To Present the Gospel the Way Jesus Did.

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Christian Quotes

“We must recognize that this country is close to being lost. Not first of all because of a humanist conspiracy, but because the Bible believing Christians in the last 40 years who have said that they know that the final reality is this infinite personal God, who is the Creator, they said they have known it, and they have done nothing about it. As the consensus has changed, there has been a vast silence.”


Phil DelRe’s new book God the Final Frontier is the best, most concise and effective evangelistic tool I have ever seen short of the New Testament and remember, not everyone will begin with the New Testament. The pictures in this book hold the readers attention and reinforce the message as they read it.